Saturday, 6 July 2013

"There is NO WAY this could be ANYTHING else."

Nothing? Nothing at all? Here we go again with this 'evidence' and 'definite proof' bullshit. And of course, your most fantastical shit is not caught on camera.

Peace out, peeps See you in hell.


I am watching the show "My Ghost Story" right now (it's a show where people share their "evidence" of their ghost encounters) and all these bitches keep on saying they have "evidence" of ghosts. As if their pictures of indistinct smudges ("manifestations of spirits") and glowing dust particles ("orbs") are "definite proof" or "undeniable evidence" that ghosts exist and their stories are completely real and all their feelings weren't chalked up to their nerves being a mess. I don't think the word "evidence" means what these "investigators" think it means.

Peace out, peeps!

Let's try to kick start this fucker again

So, I am trying to start this shit again. I have a personal blog on tumblr that I update regularly. Whatever I post there, I'm posting here too, because this site actually has comments and I like that, so yeah. My tumblr is

Peace out, peeps.