Wednesday, 11 April 2012

After all those months of not blogging...

...I have two things to day to you.

1. I'm sorry.

2. Don Cheadle fucking kicks ass. Why? Because he is sane.

Here are his tweets talking about an unfortunate and idiotic hiccup or "error" in the Trayvon Martin case. And with the links, I bid adieu.!/IamDonCheadle/status/187691240077271040!/IamDonCheadle/status/187691636342538240!/IamDonCheadle/status/187692188606533633!/MarconiRebus/status/187692167484022788!/IamDonCheadle/status/187694560221204481!/IamDonCheadle/status/187695319016947714!/IamDonCheadle/status/187696301587185664!/IamDonCheadle/status/187697045090476032!/IamDonCheadle/status/187697698877620224

Evidence for awesome! Sorry about the hiatus. Will blog more.

See ya!

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