Monday, 24 October 2011

Dark, Emo Shit

Here's some really random dark, emo shit I wrote whilst half-asleep during Environmental Science class, which was less than an hour ago.

It's a stupid poem-esque rambling (I guess it's a poem):



I'm Bob.

What is your beef?

Filet Mignon?

I'm a tofu chick.

I'm Roberta, but Bob's my name.

Call of Duty's my game.

I'm an alien soldier.

A soldier of fortune.

My boss has my fortune.

That liar has my heart.

My heart beats to this beat.

This beat is hypnotic.

Hypnotize my mind.

My mind's a fucking spiral.

Spiraling out of control.

What control do you have?

For me, I have none.

Nothing to lose.

I'm already lost.

Lost in my thoughts.

My thoughts are fucking dark.

Dark is murder.

Murdering the thought process.

What is your process?

Does your heart flutter?

Or does it fucking crash?

For me, both go on.

Liquid energy's a fucking heart stopper.

Crash and burn!

Until your heart fucking explodes!

A mess of blood and muscle and brains and skull.

Your brain.

It's too fucking big to be contained.

You're a genius.


I'm just fucking dark.

Dark is murder.

Mental murder is my game.

Bob's my name.

What's yours?


So yeah. I also wrote something else, but it's more insane than this. One might think I'm a crazy person if I posted it.

Peace out, peeps!

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  1. Hey, I like it!

    Um..."Why am I a cactus?" redux?