Saturday, 19 November 2011

If I needed anymore proof...

...I fucking got it. Just when my asinine Drama teacher couldn't get anymore racist, he did.

First, background on my drama teacher. He replaced our beloved old drama and english teacher, who had to leave due to severe heart problems. Don't get me wrong about our new drama teacher - he knows what he's talking about when it comes to drama. Unfortunately, he's an asshole. Not the teacher-type of asshole - he's a genuine asshole, but not usually to me - just mostly to others.

Now, maybe I overreacted when he started dictating our every acting move, but that's what a drama teacher does anyway. Or, maybe I overreacted when he made fun of gays (long fucking story). Or when he told our African-American students to move forward in the stage because they "blend into the background." And, maybe I overreact when I call him an asshole - nah, I ain't overreacting to that. I, however, underreacted when he grabbed the hair of Lenore (not her real name), and told her to be quiet. But, we all, including Lenore (I believe), just let it go. But he hasn't stopped pissing most of us off just yet.

It started when, for the speech and drama festival, he gave the two only African-American girls, both of whom are very sweet and spunky, two specific roles - because the roles were African-American women. This pissed me off because the two Roses (I will call them that because they are sweet and they have the same first name) are good actresses - they could act a variety of roles, but no. They were given the roles because they and the roles were black. But, this is not what pissed me off the most. It fucking happened yesterday. I was waiting for Mr. Rooney, as I will call him, after he went off to check something that I pointed out to him (I ended up being right). Spunky Rose had an annoyed look in her eyes. Then, she told me
"Can you believe it? He told me I should act more 'black'!"

Wait, WHAT?!

"REALLY?!" I respond.


"Well, don't listen to him. Just do what you wanted to do."

"Okay," she responds.

This is one more straw that fucking pisses me off. This and the Lenore incident mentoned above. And the fact that he yells at Queeny for "making everything about her." And for not giving Spunky Rose and Sweet Rose the roles they deserve. And, for letting his disgusting chest hair show. Trust me, good looking and young he ain't. I'm surprised that he's married.

Also, I'm kind of peeved when he thinks I and my twin clich├ękiller12 are movie buffs...for stating that Jaws was Steven Spielberg's directorial debut. I mean, DUH! Who doesn't fucking know that? That is minor, but still

His asshole behavior must stop. Maybe, when I graduate, I can confess everything, and call him out for being an asshole. I'll keep y'all posted on this reign of terror in our drama class.

Peace out peeps.

P.S. If you need anymore convincing of his assholeness, he called the Superman speech from Kill Bill trite. Yeah, fuck him.

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  1. Honey I agree with everything you say. Worst drama teacher ever. He doesn't let creativity shine.